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illustration Arlet

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Think about what you want to transmit and let your imagination flow!
Colors, scissors, glue… Everything ready? Then let’s go!
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Arlet is a little girl who, as all kids her age, likes to play, likes people to make her laugh and motivate her to do new things.  But the happiness that defined her was struck by the covid-19 pandemic when she lost her grandpa Joan and her grandma Isabel.

If one thing defines Arlet it’s her sensitivity and her great heart and, only being 7 years old, she has managed to transform her deep sadness into happiness and excitement and she passed it to all the adults around her, in these difficult times.  When we were fainting from pain in front of her, she hugged us, dried our tears and, looking into our eyes, she told us: “Don’t cry”.

Thank you, Arlet, for helping us to be stronger when we had no more strength and for shaking the feelings of so many people in such terrible  times that we shall never forget.



Are we only allowed to tell you one ? Because we do have a bunch of them…

First of all, that the little ones and the not so little ones get to spend some quality time together, painting clothespins and developing creativity.  Is there anything better than sharing beautiful moments at home, school or with friends?.

In second place, we aim to spread the values of cooperation and solidarity at the same time we share the idea that our loved ones will disappear, at some point, But if we talk about this issue in forehand, everything becomes easier to bare with.

In third place,  we don’t want to forget the mission with which “Pinta la Pinça” began: to collect funds and assigning them to finance research programs that investigate and combat sanitary emergencies such as now Covid-19.

Make a

Help to stop
the pandemic!


Medical research is essential to fight the illness. Unfortunately, the amount of money dedicated to research is never enough. Because of the effort of many people and many tests, lots of patients can now live in better health conditions. A few years ago, this would have been unthinkable.

This is why the money that the Associació Pinta la Pinça collects is dedicated to research projects that are useful to find treatments, prevention actions, anticipation reports or any other mesure that could be interesting for a common benefit as public health.

Unfortunately, now it is Covid-19 but, in a few years, there might be another sanitary emergency. Prevention is the key and this is why we want to help researchers so they can help us back.

We collaborate

  • His everyday life is amongst planes and circuits, motorbikes and pilots, and always thinking what camera will be able to show better a MotoGP race to the whole world. And, one day, amongst all this madness, he is the one who said: “Jordi, post Arlet’s video on Instagram and whatever it is it is”. He is, no doubt, our emotional coach in moments of crisis.

  • Patri could see herself dressed as a lawyer and defending people in trial but, one day, sitting for an exam, she saw the light and realized that her true passion was cooking. A day later, she didn’t go back to university. She studied cooking and now she organizes caterings, gastronomic stylism sessions and also chothespins.  (

  • He makes music, rides on a Gravel, designs, loves craft beer… He is really something. And he does something else -something cool-. He transmits hi knowledge to graphic design students in Vilanova i la Geltrú. (

  • “I don’t have money but I know how to create websites”. Here we go, then, Eduard! When someone wants to help, you need it and the guys is really good at it, … how can you say “no”? Because of him, we can read all this, now. (

  • Some people go to India to find the path of their life. She did it from Tiana and with marketing. She is very passionate about NGO’s, foundations and associations. So much that she event studied a masters about them. She has her head on her shoulders and helps us to go straight to where we need to go, avoiding unnecessary turns.

  • If we had to define him with a word, it would be “friend”. If I ever have a company, he is the kind of guy I would pay a lot of money to keep him by my side. Thorough, detail oriented, perfectionist, multidisciplinary, good guy… But don’t make him work before 10 am.

  • Between competing in triathlons, taking the dogs out for a walk, reading a lot, and running, she still has time to organise events in an old parking lot in the center of Barcelona and to thank you for every tagged picture. (

  • Kenya, New Zealand, Argentina, Finland, Japan, Portugal,… and I could say a few more. A person who spends his life in this countries is not bad speaking English, right? Because of him, whoever doesn’t understand Catalan or Spanish, can also read this website in English. Ah, between one trip and another, he works making caps. (@rockit_)

  • Humble, lovely, nice, professional… And we could keep saying a lot of adjectives for a while. Although he is linked to the sports world, he is very passionate about travelling -still now, he has two little girls in the family-. A part from helping me out with the English version of the “Pinta la Pinça”, he is an expert on singing at karaokes. Specially, English songs.


Where do you have to send the picture or video of the clothespins?
By e-mail to

Do you need to donate for your picture or video to be published on our Instagram?
No, all the pictures or videos are published as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Which are the minimum requirements for the pictures and videos to be published?
They must not contain any political content or any content that may be considered offensive for children. The picture must be in focus. Besides that, the creativity is up to you.

Do we follow any other criteria as to which pictures and videos are published?
No. Our will is to publish all the pictures and videos that keep arriving. Pinta la Pinça may exceptionally publish a picture or video based on esthetic criteria or because it fits a specific idea we want to share on that moment. There will be dates when we will try to match pictures or videos with the theme of celebration.

Can children under the age of 18 appear in the pictures?
Yes, they can but always unidentifiable. They should appear blured or covered by the clothespin or we only see their hands whilst working. In case that we receive a recognizable face we will previously need a specific consent from their parents or legal representatives.

Who holds the rights to the pictures or videos that you send?
Once we receive your pictures or videos, the authorship will always be yours , but all the rights pass on to “Pinta la Pinça” and this can be used by “Pinta la Pinça” in any platform and in the way we consider appropriate.

Can I became a volunteer?
We will be very happy if you want to help us! Send an email to with your name, town, date of birth and tell us how you’d like to help. Maybe you speak Mandarin and you can help us to translate our website to that language. Or maybe you are a great storyteller and you can tell Arlet’s story in schools and libraries. We will listen to your ideas and, as soon as we are doing new actions, we will contact you.

Can we participate as a school, as a whole school?
There are lots of schools who are painting clothespins. If you send us your pictures all together, we can publish them in a group, inside the same publication. In this cases, we will say the name of the school and the class they belong to. We love the fact that you dedicate some hours to paint clothespins as a school activity.

Could Arlet and/or Jordi come to our school to do an activity or a speech with students?
We would love to! We can come to talk about Arlet’s idea, the values that the whole situation generated for her, her personal experience… We could read Arlet’s story and, of course, we could finish the meeting painting a few clothespins all together. And, if we are hungry, we won’t say “No” to a nice chocolate cup.
Write us to and we will talk about it. But Arlet has classes and maybe she might not come to all the meetings we would like her to…. First things first!

If we organize a solidary activity, can we give the donations to Pinta la Pinça?/strong>
This is your decision. Our mission is to collect funds to give them to research for sanitary emergencies such as Covid-19. If your activity has this goal, obviously we will be delighted to welcome you and accept your help. The more the better we can help. If you need more information about how to it, you can write to

Can I deduct the ammount of money I donate from my income taxes?
No, not yet. If you are a company or an individual, your donation is not submitted to the law that allows you to deduct it. Foundations and public interest associations would be able to. And, so far, we are not one of them yet.

Does all the money that the association collects go directly to donations for solidary projects?
The association receives, or wants to receive, money that comes from different sources. Donations, product selling, solidary events… Logically, the management and organization of the Association can create some fix annual expenses, such as hiring professional services, insurances, staff and taxes… But, once this is paid, everything goes to solidary projects that are linked to medical research. All in all, al the expenses we generate are in order to create more funds and, so, to help the researchers with more money. To know the numbers to the last cent, we will annually publish a report in the transparency folder of this website.

Where does the money that the Association collects go?
Money is destined to research projects that help to provide solutions to health problems, to prevent illnesses, or to generate intelligence to improve the management of sanitary crisis. But we are open to everything. There can always be new research projects that could be more beneficial to common benefit and, so, we will discuss individually each project. This year, 2020, we are counting on giving the money to the Fundació La Marató  de TV3, because it will dedicate the annual TV show to gather money for Covid-19 research.


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